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Commercial Diesel Applications

Pierburg established, at the start of 2009, its own Commercial Diesel Systems business unit, whose products are specifically tailored to the needs of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, operating both on/off the highway.

The unit has set itself the goal of marketing as first-tier supplier an extensive range of engine components. Based on longstanding competence and a solid market position in emission-reduction technologies for cars, the Commercial Diesel Systems business unit will apply and market this know-how increasingly to match the stiffer demands and mileages associated with light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel engines, while reverting to the systems competence of all Pierburg product areas.

The comprehensive expertise in the area of air and exhaust gas management was combined with proven air supply products such as throttles, as well as pollutant reduction units like exhaust gas recirculation valves, exhaust gas coolers, exhaust gas valves, exhaust gas mass flow sensors and secondary air systems.

Additionally, in developing a number of new products, Commercial Diesel Systems has given added impetus to its first-tier systems approach as illustrated by a completely new family of turbochargers and a new kind of sensor for measuring exhaust gas mass flow. Currently at the market launch stage are new EGR valves including coolers as well as throttles, actuators, and exhaust-gas flaps specifically developed for the heavy-duty truck market.

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