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Solenoid Valves

"Diesel" and "downsizing" are terms that largely account for the popularity of electropneumatic transducers, a prime mainstay of Pierburg's sales. These are devices employed either in controlling EGR systems or for varying the turbine geometry on the turbocharger.

Likewise for use with turbochargers are Pierburg's electric divert-air valves which in engine cruising mode open the bypass from the pressure to the suction side of the compressor. Together with another Pierburg product, the charge-pressure control valve, they allow swift charger response to the respective drive situation for superior acceleration and reduced noise. Moreover, they cost less than the electropneumatic valve systems built in to date and take up less space.

Other applications for closed-loop pneumatic control circuits include activated carbon filter shutoff valves for onboard diagnosis; shutoff valves for direct-fuel injection on gasoline engines and electric switchover valves for such jobs as flap control and secondary air systems.

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