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FlexValve: The valve train upgrade for diesel and heavy-duty engines

FlexValve is a compact, sturdy and efficient mechanical valve train system. It permits the continuous variability of valve lifting in a broad range, even allowing secondary opening of the valves, if desired. This gives you a whole lot of flexibility to influence the gas exchange process and exhaust gas temperature management of an engine.

In addition, FlexValve is modular, offering various modules to change the function of the valve train system without having to change the cylinder head design and manufacture. This makes FlexValve an ideal solution for diesel engines, including those for commercial vehicles, which are sold in markets with differing emissions standards.

FlexValve offers the following advantages for diesel engines:

  • faster warm up and improved after-treatment efficiency
  • improved transient EGR control and/ or faster T/C response thanks to secondary valve opening
  • variable effective compression ratio
  • adjustment of load and temperature for optimized process control
  • increased engine braking by blow down of the charge close to TDC

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