Pierburg Valves for EVAP System FTIV and FVV

Evaporative Emission Control systems are a common part of a modern combustion engines. The pressurized fuel tank systems require a balancing of pressure differences in certain situations, for which different valves are needed. For this purpose Pierburg developed a Fuel Tank Isolation Valve (FTIV) and the Fuel Vapor Valve (FVV).

Pierburg offers various valve variants for diverse applications, all carrying the compact and lightweight solution with low current consumption. The valves can be tailored to customer requirements such as mechanical, media or electric connections.


  • best in class size and weight
  • low pressure loss
  • low power consumption
  • fail-safe function (open/closed)
  • robust, long lasting (> 2 million switching cycles)
  • connector as well as media and mechanical connections according to customer requirements
  • normally open or closed

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage 9 to 16V
  • Current consumption <1A
  • Temperature range -40 to +100 °C
  • Vacuum relief valve integrated   => at appr. -0.1 bar  (FTIV only)
  • Pressure relief valve integrated   =>  at appr. +0.3 bar (FTIV only)
  • Leakage 0.001 l/min at 25 kPa

Portfolio fuel tank isolation valve and fuel vapor valve

  • Fuel Tank Isolation Valve (FTIV)

    Pierburg fuel tank isolation valve (FTIV) is a part of the evaporative emission control system (EVAP). FTIV is usually positioned between the fuel tank and the carbon canister within the pressurized EVAP systems of mainly hybrid vehicles. It controls the flow of fuel vapors from the fuel tank towards the carbon canister.

    The Pierburg FTIV is normally closed when not actuated and it can be electrically opened on demand. The valve is equipped with mechanical bypasses to release the cumulated pressure or vacuum from the fuel tank if it exceeds a certain range. The maximum flow of fuel vapors towards the carbon canister is limited by an integrated flow limitation feature. The valve ensures the leakage tightness and flow rate requirements of the modern pressurised EVAP systems in a compact and lightweight solution.

    FTIV is mostly used in sutation such as refuling, when the FTIV provides the pressure balance between the fuel tank and atmosphere, or OBDII testing when the FTIV ensures required tightness of the EVAP system.


    Overpressure FTIV

    As a derivate Pierburg offers FTIV without the vacuum relief and flow limitation function. This FTIV only opens on demand and ensures the pressure balance of the fuel tank in case of positive pressure.

  • Fuel Vapor Valve FVV

    Pierburg FVV is normally opened valve, which is usually positioned between the carbon canister and atmosphere. The main purpose of the FVV is to seal the connection to the atmosphere in cases of OBDII testing.


    Compact FVV

    Pierburg Compact FVV offers the small size, lightweight and cost effective solution of the FVV functionality. The valve is normally opened, which is usually positioned between the carbon canister and atmosphere. The main purpose of the FVV is to seal the connection to the atmosphere in cases of OBDII testing.


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