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Pistons for Gasoline Engines

Ever rising power density, reduced emissions, low noise and more efficient fuel and oil consumption - these are the chief challenges facing today's gasoline and diesel engine designers. For the pistons built into these engines, these challenges translate into maximum strength combined with low weight.

To meet these challenges in the gasoline engine market, KS Kolbenschmidt has, for example, developed its LITEKS® piston technology which achieves an increase in endurance strength for significantly less weight. This technology is being used in most of the present series-production pistons.

Given the ever rising power density required from today's passenger car diesel engines, these pistons come with coolant cavities. Alongside cooled ring carriers (GALLERIKS® ) series-production pistons feature coolant passages with variable cross-section (CONTUREKS®) for large-bowl pistons.

Furthermore KS developed for pistons where high loads require that they have a ceramic fiber reinforcement in the piston relief zone FIBREKSTM . Pistons of this design have already demonstrated their functionality in many engine runs.

A recent development, DYNAMIKS® , consists of a specially shaped coolant passage for improved cooling oil conveyance and cooling effect.

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