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Engine Plain Bearings

Less Friction for More Dynamics
The performance and torque characteristics of advanced gasoline and diesel engines combined with the available installation space call for rod and crankshaft bearing shells with exceptional load-bearing capacity and low wear and friction. For connecting rod bushings, extremely low wall thicknesses, maximum load-bearing capacity and antiseize properties are demanded.

In the realization of the prime development goal of pairing superior performance with lower emissions for all new vehicle engines, KS Gleitlager has shown itself to be the plain bearings specialist across the board. Resorting to a broad range of materials, it is able to offer the customer the best possible antifriction materials in each case.

Three different families of sliding materials are available. The first group consists of the classical aluminum-tin sliding material and the innovative aluminum-zinc-bismuth alloy in which bismuth replaces lead. From the strands continuously cast on site, strip is generated in defined and coordinated rolling and annealing operations for subsequent cladding. The various steel-aluminum composites are finally produced by roll bonding. These are used as so-called bimetal bearings for connecting rods and crankshafts in internal combustion engines.

In the second sliding material family, the new sintered bronze, lead is again replaced by bismuth. This group contains outstanding connecting rod and bushing materials.

Along with the already mentioned roll-bonded steel-aluminum and the sintered steel-bronze materials, bronze and brass continuously cast onto steel strip make up the third material family of KS Gleitlager. These materials are distinguished by their extreme dynamic load-bearing capacity coupled with sufficient tenacity, making them ideal for use in connecting rod bearing shells and connecting rod bushings for high-performance diesel engines.

However, it is not only the sliding material and the geometry-generating processes that affect plain bearing function, innovative coatings also ensure optimal running-in behavior and low-wear continuous running. The spectrum of possible surface coatings at KS Gleitlager extends from galvanic films deposited electrochemically and sputter layers applied electrophysically in a high vacuum, to synthetic antifriction coatings.

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