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Special and Thick-Walled Bearings with Steel Composite Materials Including Electroplating

Our current product range includes special bearings and thick-walled bearings for all kind of application, e.g. ship engines, construction machinery, truck engines and bus engines.

On special request these bearings can be delivered as steel composite parts with galvanic overlay (electrochemical process), sputter coating (electrophysiological process) or tin plated. According to our customers' wish, we are in a position to meet all requirements for a higher static or dynamic bearing load.

For the application on compressor and refrigerating engines, we offer the possibility of applying a white metal layer WM 10 or WM 80 on the running surface of the bearing.

Turned Bushings

Bushings with an inner diameter of 0-360 mm and an outer diameter of 12-400 mm are manufactured from bronze alloys, aluminium alloys and steel composite materials. Bronze alloys like e.g. CuSn7 and CuSn12 will be casted by our own foundry.

This special kind of bushing can be found in the field of mechanical engineering, in cold pumps as well as in the automotive, sanitary and wind-power industry. The continuous monitoring of our products with the latest measuring devices in our precision measuring department and in our own lab ensures a continuously high quality standard.

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